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We have been operating on the Polish market since 1992, but our current trade mark has been developed in 1995. At that time we were one of the first companies of such profile in Poland. What is more important – we were first to introduce and install parking meters in the southern part of our country. We introduced the system in the strict sense of the word – the devices for parking charges collection both: by cash and by debit cards. It took place in 1996. 

As motorization dveloped with the number of cars still increasing the new problem emerged – the deficit in the number of parking places. That is why we decided to broaden the scope of our action in order to adapt to the competing market conditions. Nowadays the scope of our operations includes:

  1. Creatin Paid Parking Zones Conceptions
  2. Producing and implementing projects of parking systems of all kinds
  3. Delivering and installing different types of parking systems, including such which use park code and magnetic stripes as a data carriers, as well as street devices – parking meters.
  4. Building new parkings and equipping them with parking systems.
  5. Operating of paid parkings.
  6. Thematic onsultancy.

Our product portfolio covers also delivery of paper tickets Cubit France Technologies which are used in all types of parking devices. Aside from delivery and installation of parking systems we run our own paid parkings (since 1999). Due to that fact we have wide experience which allows us to create conceptions adopting the most complex and optimal solutions and metthods.