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The  PAP (PAP-E, PAP-B) barrier gates are designed and built using the latest technology and top-quality components. They are recommended for all kinds of parking areas, from small car parks, to large parking areas in towns and cities, to factory parking yards, as well as for malls, motorway toll collection points and various parking systems.

The barrier gates are durable, practical, last a long time (over 5-10 million duty cycles), offer a wide opening time range (0.8 - 5.0 seconds), feature long booms (3.0 - 6.0 m) and are very good value for money. All this has made these barriers very popular with and appreciated by users throughout the world.

We are introducing a new PAP-B barrier gate with unlimited use options! With its variety of operating features, from long booms  (3.0 - 6.0 m) to unique technology (e.g. a torque motor, a LED message/code display with operating parameter information) to adjustable opening times (0.8 - 5.0 seconds), the barrier gate can be used in areas where plenty of traffic requires short opening times (e.g. motorway toll collection points) malls, multi-storey car parks, factory parking yards or areas with wide access roads. It is a truly universal barrier gate!

Also, note the extraordinarily long lifetime of the new barrier gate - as many as 5-10 million duty cycles! This is a guarantee of maintenance-free and correct operation of the PAP-B barrier gate for many years.


With its smooth boom movement and braking, components that produce no heat, and excellent operating performance, long lifetime, the new barrier gate is a product we can truly recommend, and it is available only from us.