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We are introducing a new PAP-B barrier gate with unlimited use options! With its variety of operating features, from long booms  (3.0 - 6.0 m) to unique technology (e.g. a torque motor, a LED message/code display with operating parameter information) to adjustable opening times (0.8 - 5.0 seconds), the barrier gate can be used in areas where plenty of traffic requires short opening times (e.g. motorway toll collection points) malls, multi-storey car parks, factory parking yards or areas with wide access roads. It is a truly universal barrier gate!

Also, note the extraordinarily long lifetime of the new barrier gate - as many as 5-10 million duty cycles! This is a guarantee of maintenance-free and correct operation of the PAP-B barrier gate for many years.


With its smooth boom movement and braking, components that produce no heat, and excellent operating performance, long lifetime, the new barrier gate is a product we can truly recommend, and it is available only from us.