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Parking gates

Barrier gates

We sell, install and provide service of our products. Barrier gates are selected depending on the needs of our customers. We provide comprehensive service from the moment of sale to the moment of installation. Apart from barrier gates we equip parkings with all kinds of additional equipment like: slowering tresholds, manual or automatic blockade of parking places, vertical and horizontal signage.


Barrier gates operate autonomically or as a part of a parking system. Our products (parking and highway gates) have a set of disctinctive features that distinguish them from any other products available in market. Among other things they are equipped with electronic screen for error code or LED illumination (red/green) of barrier arm.


Which barrier gate to choose?

Parking gates are the main field of our company’s activity. Below you can find a comparison of our gates. I you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. There are no questions that can’t be answered


 MODEL Came G4000 PAP-E  4,0 PAP-B  4,0
Oppening time 2 - 6 s 1,5 - 3 s 0,8 - 2,5 s
Power supply AC 230 V/50 Hz AC 230 V/50 Hz AC 230 V/50 Hz

Power consumption

1,3 A/230 V
15 A/24 V
0,5 A
3,5 A
Max 0,5 A
Motor power 300 W 90 W/220 V
80 W/24 V D.C.
70 W, torque motor
Type of work intensive intensive intensive min. 5-10mln cycles
Anti-breaking arm handle - - YES
Voltage loss manualy manualy automaticaly
Net price (PLN) od 4.044,00 od 2.490,00 od 3.890,00

The PAP-B BEYOND barrier gates are designed and built using the latest technology and top-quality components.

PAP-E (Economic) barrier gates are an excellent addition to the PAP-B (Beyond) models. They are recommended for all those systems where an opening time of at least 1.5 seconds is required. They are highly durable and simple in construction.