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The PAP-B BEYOND barrier gates are designed and built using the latest technology and top-quality components.


They are recommended for all kinds of parking areas, from small car parks, to large parking areas in towns and cities, to factory parking yards, as well as for malls and motorway toll collection points. This barrier features an innovative inverter (torque) motor with a high durable transmission mechanism that keeps noise and heat levels to a minimum and eliminates boom vibrations. The barrier comes with a special controller (main control board) that allows the motor to accelerate and come to a stop smoothly and optimally. The barrier offers a opening time of 0.8 sec. and a book length of up to 6 m. The controller is based on the Intel 80C51 MCU processor technology. This new barrier gate comes with a unique digital code fault display and a multi-function control board with a boom illumination function: red when the barrier is closed or green when it is lifted.

Opening/closing speed (arm length)

  • 0,8 – 1,5 sek. (maks. 3,0 m)
  • 1,5 – 2,0 sek. (maks. 4,0 m)
  • 2,0 – 2,5 sek. (maks. 4,0 m)
  • 3 sek. z uchwytem antykolizyjnym (maks. 4,0 m)
  • 3 sek. bez uchwytu antykolizyjnego(maks. 5,0 m)
  • 4 sek. z uchwytem antykolizyjnym(maks. 5,0 m)
  • 4 sek. bez uchwytu antykolizyjnego(maks. 6,0 m)

Advantages of PAP-B Barrier gate

  1. Heavy-duty, simple - design and aesthetically-pleasing cabinet: the cabinet is made of precisely machined 2 mm-thick cold-rolled metal sheets. It is powdered coated, with UV protection, dustproof and waterproof, in conformity with the IP 54 standard
  2. Anti-collision (anti-break) mechanism: The boom arm gets out of the clamp when a vehicle hits the arm. This prevents damage to the boom arm.
  3. Arm light bar
  4. Obstacle detection: While moving down, the boom arm will immediately return to its vertical position once it is obstructed by an imposed force. The detection sensitivity is adjustable.
  5. Power failure: While going up, the barier will open automatically. While moving down, the barier will close automatically.
  6. Motor: AC 220V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz: A modern 70W, 100% duty cycle torque motor with overheating protection.
  7. The barrier is designed to support induction loops and photocell barriers.
  8. Opening Priority and Closing Priority functions: the barrier will open or close automatically after a set time1 (-99 sec.).
  9. Always-Open mode: the barrier will stay open all the time.
  10. Anti-freeze protection in low temperatures: the barrier’s low power consumption keeps the motor in normal temperature even if the barrier operates under conditions with temperatures below 0°C.
  11. Error codes: In the case of barrier failure, the barrier’s control board will display the error code of the failure, which makes it much easier to eliminate the problem.
  12. Control board (controller): it is placed in a transparent box, waterproof and dustproof.

Tech info

Power supply 220V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, max. 0,5A
Motor power 70W, typ: torque
Controller Intel 80 C 51 MCU, 40 Mhz
RS 485 Interface 9600 bps
Input signal (External) impulse > 100 ms
Outpu signal (light) maks. 1 A
Output signal form induction loop detector AC 220 V/0,5A, DC 12 /V/1 A
Working temperatures from -25°C to 50°C
Humidity 10% - 95%
Weight approx.50 kg
Boom arm aluminium, octagonal size, dimensions: 45 mm x 100 mm