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The task of each parking system is to facilitate the toll collection process and have a full control of entry and exit from the car park. Each system is different, each is based on an individual concept and design but all solutions have common elements.

The basic element is undoubtedly a road barrier – commonly known as the barrier gate. For a dozen or so years of its activity our company has applied  most systems existing in the market: with wired and wireless control, using proximity cards, barcode tickets, magnetic path cardboard, and others. The system should be selected on the basis of the nature of the park (city, company, hospital, commercial car park), its capacity, configuration of the terrain and other conditions. The use of an appropriate system in conjunction with the proper distribution of its elements provides the owner with a long-term trouble-free operation and safety in his car park.

Simplified principle of operation:

Pull up at the entrance of the ticket distributor, press a button and collect an entry ticket – the gate opens. After driving to the other side, the barrier gate automatically drops. At the exist the situation is similar: insert a pre-paid parking ticket into

the terminal, the gate opens, and automatically closes after leaving. Approach the cash point with a ticket collected at the entrance and pay a parking fee. A cash point is a place with an appropriate cash desk set equipped with a ticket reader, and the parking fee is collected by an employee.

A cash point may also refer to an automated cash point which accepts coins and banknotes of all denominations and gives change. At the point you can also buy a so-called periodic subscription or renew its validity. In maintenance-free parking systems, a ticket is in the form ofpaper cardboard with a magnetic path or barcode.

The main elements of maintenance-free parking system are:

  • barrier gates (entry and exit) 
  • ticket distributor 
  • cash point (automated cash point) 
  • exit terminal 
  • special parking software 

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